Web Design Week 5

•How do you find this site? (in 3 words)
Simple,appealing, good

•Who do you think the site is created for?
those female shoppers of all ages especially young ones

•What are the good attributes of the site (in terms
of usability, aesthetic issues, etc)?
Good usablilty
Good nativgation
Good contrast between text and background.
Good to make use of the tables arrangingly.
Once the shoppers visit this website, the pictures are already fast to be uploaded.
Good reliable contact communication. When the shoppers would like to know more about THIS FASHION, they may contact THIS FASHION for more information.
Good reliance on email links.
Good content and design

•What are the bad attributes of the site?
Poor quality of the pictures
They should take pictures of the ladies clothes they are selling and post them on the website.
They also should take comments from the shoppers about THIS FASHION and post them on the website,thus it attracts more shoppers.


Web Design Exercise 3

Web Design Exercise 2

•What is Browser-Safe Color Palette / Web-Safe Colors?

The Browser-Safe Palette is the actual palette that Mosaic, Netscape, and Internet Explorer use within their browsers. The palettes used by these browsers are slightly different on Macs and PCs. This palette is based on math, not beauty. I didn’t and wouldn’t have picked the colors in this palette, but Netscape, Mosaic, and Internet Explorer did, so….

The Browser-Safe Palette only contains 216 colors out of a possible 256. That is because the remaining 40 colors vary on Macs and PCs. By eliminating the 40 variable colors, this palette is optimized for cross-platform use.

•Is it still relevant in today’s context? Why?

No, it’s safe to design without the palette because so few computer users view the web in 256 colors anymore.

•What are the common fonts face found on PC & Mac?

Times New Roman, Arial family, Comic Sans MS

•What is page loading time and how it influence your design?

‘Load time’ refers to the amount of time it takes for a user to view your landing page after clicking your ad.

If your keyword is graded This page loads slowly, your landing page quality and Quality Score will be negatively affected. If your keyword is graded No problems found, your landing page quality and Quality Score will not be affected. The one exception is if your keyword is graded No problems found and marked  Load time is faster than the average in your server’s geographic region. In this case, your landing page quality and Quality Score may be positively affected.

Read about Web Design Process article above and write what you think about it (at least 150 words)

After i read alot of step-by-steps in the Web Design Processes,i sometimes understand, i sometimes dont. But they will help to separate into so many step-by-steps process so that i can learn better at a slow pace. But when i came across a website given by the recommended url, a interesting paragraph caught my attention.

It didn’t take long for the commercial Web’s pioneers to learn that the slogan “If you build it, they will come“ was a hollow joke: You have to build it well, thoughtfully and ambitiously and inventively, and then you have to keep rethinking it and rebuilding it, if you have any hope of attracting a crowd.
Scott Rosenberg, Salon.com

Another pargraph is also very interesting. It caused me to reflect on my bad habits which i never plan any goals.Learn to set my goals and how to impress the audiences with my beautifully organised website.

The first step in designing any web site is to define your goals. Without a clearly stated mission and objectives, the project will drift, bog down, or continue past an appropriate endpoint. Careful planning and a clear purpose are the keys to success in building web sites, particularly when you are working as part of a development team.

There are alot of helpful websites given to help me to build up a website, do web applications and mulitimedia. One of whom is the Breakdown of the ideal web design process, a most effective and easy-to-understand steps-by steps. Im very excited and keen to learn more about web design. Feel motivated to learn more and work harder than ever.

Tools ‹ Flying Isaac’s Web Design Journal — WordPress

Exploring wordpress here now. i just found out that there are no typeface fonts and color fonts as well as the font colours unlike http://www.blogger. com. I will work harder to get a good grade for my web design module and survive this module.

Week 1 Web Design Exercise

Name as many browsers as you can.

Microsoft Internet Explorer,Firefox, Avant Browser, Orca Browser, NetScape, Opera, Google Chrome

What is browers wars?

They are present and past competitions for dominance in the web browser marketplace

What is IP address?

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numerical identification and logical address that is assigned to devices participating in a computer network utilizing the Internet Protocol for communication between its nodes.

What is URL? 

Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a type of Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that specifies where an identified resource is available and the mechanism for retrieving it.

What is a good website?
Design to Build

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